As an evolutionary life coach of over fifteen years I have helped a lot of people unlearn patterns of thinking and supported them to find the courage to believe they can create a life that inspires them. 

I have worked with women across the globe, offering one to one sessions, group workshops, 1 day events and residential events .... always inspiring them to remember who they really are and just how amazing that is.

In more recent years, I have also been delivering my 'It's All About You' programme in Children’s Centres. It is an eight week personal development programme for mothers struggling with loss of confidence and self-belief. Many participants share that, as they start to feel more positive and inspired to make changes, they can see their children’s behaviour changing for the better.

A recurring thought I cannot escape is what can we do differently to support children to grow up without losing their sense of self and innate wisdom? My vision is for a world where programmes like ‘It’s All About You’ aren’t required.

Enter Birdham Bear, an unexpected and exciting adventure for me! Through his stories and activities children and their adults can share a journey of exploration and discovery; and, if they choose, empowering conversations.

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© 2018 Birdham Bear Birdham | Written by Lynne Healy | Illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills