Birdham Bear Gifting Programme...

Reaching more children

I have a vision that inspires everything I do:  

a world in which all children remember their innate wisdom.

Birdham Bear is my offering; a step towards making my vision a reality. He is my agent of change - my woolly inspiration; created to help children in a fun, light, magical way through his stories and activities. Encouraging curiosity, wonder and awe he helps them keep their sense of self and their connection with their innate wisdom. 

Pause for a moment and join me in imagining just how amazing our world will be when all children grow up secure in who they are and allowing their innate wisdom to guide them in their choices. 


I was inspired to create the ‘Birdham Bear Gifting Programme’ for people who have told me they’d like to support Birdham Bear and help spread his magic but aren’t quite sure how.  


The principle is very simple; you support the gifting programme by buying books for unknown children.

There are different ways your gift can be shared:


Option 1

You receive the books you purchase to gift to your local community yourself. 


Option 2

I distribute the books you buy, either as a donation or as part of a programme I deliver.

You can choose which type of organisation receives your gift. I will identify that it is a gift from you.

There are so many possibilities for how your gifts could be used. Ideas so far: children’s hospitals, schools, libraries, women’s refuges, food banks, children’s charities. I’m sure there are many creative ways I haven’t yet thought of!

Whatever you choose to gift will have a double impact:

  1. You directly inspire the child(ren) or group(s) who receives the books

  2. You provide income to facilitate the creation of more books and materials.


If you would like to be a ‘Birdham Bear Gifter’ please contact me. 


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© 2018 Birdham Bear Birdham | Written by Lynne Healy | Illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills