Bespoke Hand Knitted Herdwick Birdham Bear


Love in every stitch. Commission your very own luxury Birdham Bear. Designed and hand knitted in Birdham, by Lynne Healy, using 100% worsted double knit Herdwick yarn from Crookabeck Farm in Cumbria. Lynne has visited the sheep the yarn is from!


This is so much more than a knitted bear. Being handmade means that every one is unique; being knitted by Lynne specifically for you means it is knitted with intention. Your connection with your Birdham Bear starts the moment you place your order. 


Bear size approximately 30cm.


Please note these Birdham Bears are not toys. The unique quality of Herdwick wool means it is very coarse with short, rough fibres which means they are not suitable for children.

These bears are intended for adults or as keepsake gifts for children.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your Birdham Bear to be completed.

  • Care instructions

    Gentle hand washing only.

  • Safety Advice


    Not safe for children under 3 years due to button eyes.

    100% wool - short fibres may shed





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© 2018 Birdham Bear Birdham | Written by Lynne Healy | Illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills