This is Me! Funtivity Book


This is Me!’ has been created for both children and adults. Although disguised as a children’s book it is actually a book of wisdom for all ages.

Birdham Bear wants children to remember who they really are as they grow up –
to enter adulthood with a strong sense of self and their unique gifts for the world.

This funtivity book offers a variety of creative activities to encourage children
and their adults to think about and celebrate what makes them unique.

Intended to be a precious, fun, shared experience during which whole families or peer groups inspire each other, ask questions, explore, laugh and discover more about each other.


The benefits of completing this book together include:

  • gently reintroducing time away from screens
  • real quality time together
  • connecting with nature differently
  • increasing ability to focus
  • time to think and imagine
  • developing a positive mindset
  • improving communication skills
  • improving interpersonal skills
  • increasing emotional resilience
  • increasing recognition that to be unique and ‘different’ is our gift for the world



210mmm x 2917mm (A4)

Thirty pages

Fully illustrated

Ages 5 - 100


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© 2018 Birdham Bear Birdham | Written by Lynne Healy | Illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills